February 25, 2012 DBA Newsletter

President's Message

Thanks to Lydia and Douglas Hart, owners of Westwinds Bookshop, Inc., for hosting our February meeting. Our guest speaker was Dean Mclellan, an entertaining and educational financial consultant who has written a book called "Intelligent Investors Contrarian Walk: A Book of Wisdom and Humor". You can purchase a copy of his book at Westwinds Bookshop.

February had some notable events! The DBA entered a bowling team in the south intra-chamber competition at the Boston Bowls in Hanover. Thanks to Anne Antonellis for organizing the team! Georgia Cosgrove, Nancy Reed and John Mattes were very nicely attired for the DEF Spelling Bee held on February 15th! They came up short on the word daschund (spelling???) however finished a strong third. Great job, Georgia, Nancy and John!

Upcoming Events

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